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Why You Should Have a Private Dance at your Wedding

Ever considered a private dance at your wedding? Ever even heard of it? This wedding trend is one of our favorites, and we think every couple should consider adding it to their wedding. If you’ve never heard of it, a private dance is when the reception venue is cleared at the end of the night as the guests prepare to send off the newlyweds, and the couple stays behind in the empty venue for one last dance with just the two of them. We truly believe it’s one of the best things you can add to your wedding, and we have plenty of reasons why. 

Wedding dance

Reason # 1: Great Photos

When you and your partner share this private dance, you will be the only two in the room, dancing together, which is perhaps how it always feels. This gives your photographer the unique opportunity to photograph the two of you together, one last time, once the craziness of the best day ever has subsided. These pictures often turn out to be some of the most special, as they capture the love you share when you’re alone and don’t have all eyes on you. 

Reason # 2: Something To Do During Send Off Prep

This reason is more logistical, but we’ve found that it helps the end of the night flow a lot better. At the end of the reception, guests will need to be escorted out to line up and send off the bride and groom. The preparation for send off can include gathering guests outside the venue, handing out sparklers or confetti or whatever mode of celebration you choose, and getting lined up for the grand exit. This process takes a while, especially with larger guest counts, so this creates the perfect time for the newlywed couple to share an intimate moment together. 

Reason # 3: A Moment to Soak it all in

As we're sure you’ve heard, your wedding night is hectic. Having everyone you love in one room can be the most joyous (and overwhelming) experience of your life. It goes fast, and it’s over before you know it. This private dance gives you a moment with your partner to quiet the noise, breathe, and soak in the wonderful night you’ve just spent celebrating your love with all the people who support you. It's a time for just the two of you to recognize just how wonderful the day was for one last moment before it’s over. 

Reason # 4: It’s Romantic

A private dance to end the night may just be the most romantic moment of your day. Pick a song the two of you love that has a special meaning for you as a couple. When you’re left speechless at the end of the night, let one of your favorite artists do the talking for you for your final special moment of your big day.

A romantic song can make this moment truly perfect-- check out our song list and find the perfect fit for you.

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