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List of Country Songs About Austin Texas

The musical homage to Austin, Texas, is a testament to the city's deep cultural roots and vibrant scene. Here's an expanded song list of country and other genre songs that celebrate the essence of Austin:

1. "Midnight in Austin Texas" by Renee Olstead captures the allure of a night out in the city with its sultry jazz undertones, suggesting an impromptu invitation to join the singer at a local bar for a Saturday night not to be wasted​​.

2. "Keep Austin Weird" by P!nn@cle featuring Mac-Midas and Y.P. aligns with the city's eclectic and iconic slogan through its explicit lyrics and jangling piano rhythms, embodying the city's unique cultural vibe​​. Listen Here on Spotify

3. "Austin Prison" by Johnny Cash tells a classic story of a jailbreak, a staple of Cash's storytelling songwriting, set against the backdrop of Austin's storied prison​​.

4. "Designs on You" by Old 97’s begins with a poignant line that places the listener right at the heart of Austin, on the corner of 6th and how to forget.

5. "11 Months and 29 Days" by Johnny Paycheck playfully describes biding time in jail while dreaming of the city's vibrant dance floors, embodying the spirit of Austin​​.

6. "A-Town Blues" by Wayne Hancock showcases the artist's inability to stay away from Austin, with modern rockabilly flair and lyrics that pay homage to the city's nightlife​​.

7. "Amy’s Back in Austin" by Little Texas is a country-pop tune that taps into the sentiment of missing a lost love with references to well-known Austin locales like La Zona Rosa​​.

8. "Lost in Austin" by Bobby Bare demonstrates that the city's appeal crosses the Atlantic, with English indie rockers finding inspiration on the banks of the Colorado River​​.

9. "Christmas in Hollis, Austin Version" by Tee Double puts an Austin spin on the holiday spirit, showing how the city's music scene can even transform a classic like Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis”​​. Listen here on Spotify

10. "Barton Springs" by Michael Tomlinson serenades listeners with a journey from Seattle to the iconic swimming holes in Austin's Zilker Park​​.

11. "London Homesick Blues" by Jerry Jeff Walker, often cited as a precursor to "Texas Country," encapsulates the longing for Austin's charm even from across the pond​​.

12. "Dublin Blues" by Guy Clark is a poignant tribute that compares global travels to the simple pleasure of being in an Austin bar, enjoying local drinks without a care in the world​​.

13. "I Can’t Go Back to Austin" by Doug Sahm mixes rock, country, blues, and Latin beats to express the heartache associated with the city​​.

14. "Austin" by Pat Green reflects a yearning for the authenticity of Austin and a rejection of mediocrity, preferring the Texan city over Nashville​​.

15. "East of Austin" by The Vandal Band tugs at the heartstrings with its narrative of belonging and the pull to return to Austin​​.

16. "Pflugerville" by Austin Lounge Lizards humorously incorporates the Austin suburb into their song, reflecting the band's long-standing presence in the local music scene since 1980​​.

17. "Dime Store Cowgirl" by Kacey Musgraves includes shout-outs to Austin's city limits, highlighting the singer's Texas roots and the city's influence on her music​​.

18. "Feels Like Rain" by Shinyribs offers a country-soul-funk sound, painting Austin as a city of ethereal beauty, the only place where the singer has seen an angel's face​​.

19. "Bob Willis is Still the King" by Waylon Jennings acknowledges the city's ever- changing music scene while paying homage to Western swing legend Bob Willis​​.

20. "Austin" by Eskimo Brothers shows a Nashville-based band's affection for the Texan city, filled with memories that linger in their music​​.

21. "Dry Creek Café" by Douglas Greer captures the diverse spirit of Austin through the lens of a popular waterfront bar​​.

Each of these songs, whether strictly country or crossing into other genres, reflects a facet of Austin's multifaceted music scene, illustrating the city's enduring appeal and the way it becomes a part of those who visit, live in, or draw inspiration from it.

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