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The Best Chris Stapleton Songs for Weddings

Chris Stapleton has one of the most soulful and rich voices in country music today. With a discography full of romantic lyrics, genuine sentiment, and deeply felt melodies, his music has a unique ability to feel like it was written just for you and your partner on your special day. To help ease your decision, we have chosen our four favorites to help elevate your wedding day.

Gone to Texas Band Performing

Arguably his most popular track, “Tennessee Whiskey” conveys a deep sense of love and devotion, while showcasing Stapleton’s raspy and powerful voice. The musicality of the song has a classic feel, adding a touch of elegance to the wedding. Its slow tempo and emotional resonance make it suitable for any moment of the day you see fit– from walking down the aisle to your first dance.The song itself has taken on a life of its own, creating special memories personal to many guests in attendance at your wedding, which can add a layer of sentimental value and set a warm ambience.

Perhaps the most perfect lyrics imaginable for a wedding, Stapleton uses “Joy Of My Life” to highlight the profound impacts his partner has on his happiness.Throughout the song, he uses poetic language to describe the significance of his partner. He expresses a sense of completeness and contentment, emphasizing that the person he loves is the source of immense joy and inspiration. This sentiment creates a romantic mood– the perfect tune to celebrate a new marriage.

After vowing to love your partner for richer or poorer, these lyrics declaring that “love is more precious than gold” couldn’t be more perfect to celebrate the start of life together. The song's message is simple yet powerful. It celebrates the idea that love is the true wealth in life, and this timeless theme can be meaningful for couples embarking on a lifelong journey together. The mid-tempo and acoustic guitar add to the sentimental value, and make for a romantic slow dance. Whether looking for a first dance song, or an addition to your reception set list, “Millionaire” rings in this new season of marriage in a joyous and romantic way.

With themes of starting your new lives together, “Starting Over” describes a commitment to navigating life together, facing uncertainties, and always choosing each other through anything life may throw at you. The song's gentle and melodic arrangement, combined with Chris Stapleton's passionate vocals, contribute to the overall emotional impact. It can be used for a nicely tempoed slow dance, or for any part of your ceremony or reception. This song is symbolic of new beginnings, and will leave the happy couple and guests with a feeling of joy and hope for the future, perfect for a wedding.

The perfect music for your wedding is a deeply personal choice, but we truly believe that Chris Stapleton’s soulful voice and meaningful lyrics have the ability to feel personal to any and all newlywed couples.

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