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Top 10 Reasons To Date A Cowboy

We’re not sure you need convincing, but just in case you’re on the fence, here are our top ten reasons why you should date a cowboy.

vintage cowboys

1. Old school / country manners

They say chivalry is dead, but we say: not with a cowboy! Cowboys are old school when it comes to courting. They will open your door, pull out your chair, and pick up the check. We love us a chivalrous cowboy! 

2. They are handsome

Tall, dark and handsome, many cowboys grew up on a farm or ranch. They were raised to work hard from sunrise to sunset. That means they have a strong work ethic that will probably apply to their relationship with you, which is a big plus. But, perhaps, most importantly, it means he’s got a tan and some pretty impressive muscles. Throw a cowboy hat and some boots on chiseled abs and we are all in on cowboys this rodeo season. 

3. Personal handyman

Some people enjoy DIY-ing, but we prefer to spend our time DIY-ing a new margarita recipe instead of fixing drywall in the garage. If your cowboy boyfriend is around, you may never have to fix anything again! Shelves need hanging? He’ll bring over his tool box. Plumbing problem? Fixed before you know it. Car needs an oil change? He’ll do it himself faster than any GoodYear or Jiffy Lube on the map. All while wearing perfectly-fitted cowboy Levis. 

4. They like country music

Perhaps our favorite quality, they’ll never say no to a country song. A cowboy always knows the good stuff– from Johnny Cash to George Strait to Brooks & Dunn, they’ll know every word. Whether he takes you line dancing at the honky tonk or slow dancing in the kitchen, you can be sure your cowboy will always woo you with the right music and the right soundtrack. 

5. They most likely drive a pick-up truck and can help you move

Pick-up trucks are pretty cool, but they can be expensive and hard to find parking for. Luckily for you, a pick-up truck is a cowboy essential, so your cowboy is most likely driving one right now. This is a pro for many reasons, but one of our favorites is moving season! Your cowboy’s 4-wheel drive ride, you may never have to hire a mover and/or post on social media looking for a random friend who has a pick-up truck again. Not to mention, your chivalrous cowboy will likely stay to do all the heavy lifting and wear those perfectly-fitted denim trousers again while he’s doing it. 

6. You will always have a cowboy hat to wear

Cowboy-chic is IN right now, and we know first hand how expensive a good cowboy hat can be. Great news for you - Cowboys have to have them for all the practical reasons, which means you get a free accessory on all of your nights out! If he’s a true cowboy, he probably has multiple cowboy hats that can color coordinate with your different outfits. 

7. They probably have a cute golden retriever named Scout or Bandit 

You always want to be number one in your man’s heart, but if you’re going to be second place, you definitely want a cute dog to be first (and not his mother). A cowboy more than likely comes with a golden retriever, giving you all of the benefits and adorable instagram-content that comes with having a furry friend, without any of the responsibility. Added cowboy benefit: farm and ranch dogs are as well-trained as they come, so you know ‘lil Bandit will always be a good time whenever he tags along on date nights and vacays. 

8. Free two-step lessons 

Cowboys were raised learning how to two-step to country music - it's in their blood. When you date a cowboy, you have no choice but to learn. This can make for a romantic activity in the comfort of your home or a fun date night out on the town. He’ll lead, you just have fun!

9. Beyonce's new album 

Need we say more? Beyonce says country is cool, so now we say country is cool. Don’t get left behind 2024’s biggest trend. Secure your cowboy today! 

10. You can save a horse, if you ride a cowboy

If none of these other reasons convinced you, at least think about it for the horses.

You can pick up your cowboy at any nearby Rodeo, honky tonk, gun range or home depot. But if you’re still not sure how to attract your cowboy, throw your own country-themed party and bring Gone To Texas Band to perform. Romantic, cowboy-attracting hits guaranteed.

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